ross from friends emoji set by chuck young

two smiling mouths / pressed against each / other gospeling secrets / down ticklish throats. / personal history roleplay / the intimacy of nostalgia / i like to think of an orgasm / as a tiny death so i also like / to think of sex / as an open casket wake / where you pay / your condolences so good. / knowing the pizza / is going to burn the / shit out of the roof / of your mouth but / taking a bite anyway / is like falconry. / too drunk to love / too come to drunk / too love to fuck / so just dance / like you’re making breakfast / love like your heart / is made of hotdog water / sing like you are all of duran duran / on mdma in an empty bathtub / and live like heaven / is a comfortable bed.

About the author:
Chuck Young is living his third life in small town Massachusetts. He has been published in various journals online and in print. A children’s book is forthcoming in October of 2017 through Penny Candy Books. For more of his work, you can visit your dead beat friend’s internet presence:

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