Vending Machine Press Issue #10

Photo by: Johannes Huwe

The very fine writers for Issue 10 are:

Autobiography by Deirdre Coyle
Blizzard of 1950, Eatontown NJ by Lee Landau
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin No.1 by John Dorsey
Thirty by Rachel Harrison
The Rainy Part of The World by Mark Petterson
Champ by Steph Post
Two Poems By Sarah Sala
Two Poems by Megan Kemple
Two Poems by Emily Bernard
Two Poems by Carolyn Elias
Rolling Papers by Audrey El-Osta
Versions of the Truth by Richard King Perkins II
Chalk outlines of a future self by Jay Sizemore
Days I Cant Carry by Anna Meister

Issue 11 is due out on August 1st, 2015.

Michael Lafontaine
Vending Machine Press