Vending Machine Press Issue #3

This issue we are proud to present, stories and poems from writers across the globe that explore the morbid longings and powerful mysteries, the destructive passions and glorious discoveries that make us who we are, and what propels us to write about our experiences, whether real or imagined, to prove to someone – anyone – that we are indeed truly alive.

The very talented seven writers that we have chosen for Issue Three are –

The Morning of the Day By Lee Foust
Richie by Amy Scharmann
Milk Crates by Melanie Tague
Turtle and Hare by Chloe Clark
Two Poems by Daniel Ford
The Cooks Alphabet by Ken Poyner
Green Light by Lauren Jonik

Click on the Submissions tab for guidelines to submit for Issue Four.

Issue Four arrives June 1st.

Vending Machine Press