Welcome to Vending Machine Press First Birthday Issue #7

Photo by Johannes Huwe

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue 7 of Vending Machine Press. This is a special issue as it is our First Birthday Issue. We hope you dig all the stories and poems as we are extremely proud of the writers below. Also and it goes without saying, that we owe a huge debt to all of our wonderful contributors that have appeared throughout the first few issues this year. Thank you for all the support.

The incredibly talented writers for Issue 7 are:

Knock Wood by Shae Krispinsky
Four Poems by Justin Hyde
Four Poems by Sloane Eliot
First Time In Paradise? by Gary Berg
Two Poems by Chelsea Eckert
Two Poems by Meredith Maltby
Five Poems by Quinn White
How to Explain to Your Ex Why Their X-Ray’s Your Desktop by Margaryta Golovchenko
Duct-Taped Wedding Bells by Grace Montgomery
Let He Who Is Without by Kevin Brown

Thank you to everyone for a great first year and thank you to our guest photographer Johannes Huwe for granting me permission to use his photograph for this special issue.

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Issue Eight is due out on February 1st, 2015.

Michael Lafontaine
Vending Machine Press