The wine label as poetry, 2 by Lindsey Thaden



Rico Red Reserve

Tinto Fino




 It started with a boy and a grape.


In 1968, young Juan Carlos Cuchillo snuck into his grandfather’s garden to pick the plumpest grape he could find. Before he could swallow, he had the vision that would create Cuchillo Family Farms.

We are obsessively, relentlessly committed to no-till farming. At Juan Carlos Cuchillo Family Farms, we believe if it doesn’t come out of us organically, it isn’t truly Cuchillo. Our vineyards are located on land our ancestors originally settled for Spanish rancheros in the 1800s. We import Spanish cattle to graze our harvested cover crops and fertilize our lands. Utilizing an ancient, sacred, Persian method of dung-burning, we press our bold Tinto Fino grapes over a sweet, natural steam before oak barrel fermentation. You won’t find a richer, more natural passion for fine wine than in your very own, Cuchillo.


Lindsey Thäden is the winner of the City of New York’s 2016 #PoetweetNYC contest. Her poem “Waking to Pablo Neruda Pumping My Chest” is a semi-finalist for the 2018 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry. Alternating Current Press called the poem “a jolting, refreshing read.” Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Philadelphia-based Apeiron Review, The Coil, Ekphrastic Review, New York Metro, Passages North, among others

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