Two Poems by Shoshanna Beale


In this grey and desolate world I wander like a ghost
through haunted cityscapes and narrow muted streets,
and I search and search

I walk through silent streets, past houses drawn with drapes,
walled in high brick fences that speak in a fierce dog growl:
‘you’re not welcome here.’

I pass shadowed man-shapes that reach out twisted limbs
to scratch my face and pull my hair with spindly hands
while bright round eyes peek between their branches
and watch until I walk past.

These dark streets are a shroud that hide my restless feet
and wandering eye—I am a ghost, unseen, unheard.
I search the skies and the streets for escape from an unknown fate,
for answers to questions I’d never thought to ask—

until light blossoms in the dark; windows like welcoming eyes
and an open gate seems a mouth about to speak
And I put aside my restless search until tomorrow night.

Spring Dreams

Spring is coming, the tension of new life,
new starts and second chances fills the air—
Queen Mab waits, a feather raised like a knife,
for me to leave behind the day’s affairs
and fly with her through the brightening sky.
She taunts me with fresh grass and bright flowers,
warm winds and a golden smile from up high,
birds singing in a riot of colours—
but though my heart yearns to follow her call
this mountain of work cannot be ignored.
I watch the sun like it’s a bouncing ball—
drop paper and pen and run to the door.
Life’s too short and second chances can wait
for the sun to set and spring to abate.

about the author:

Shoshanna Beale is Melbourne-based writer, poet, and novelist.   She writes poetry, short stories, articles, reviews and maintains a writing-orientated blog.  She works as a freelance writer and editor and is currently finalising her first novel.  You can see more of her writing at .