About The Universe by Eleanore Lee


Why worry? In five billion years our sun will become a spuming red giant.
Will it matter then who got Mother’s Ming dynasty vase?
Hell, the old family farm will be even more gone-
As well as that subsequent housing development with its mini-mall.
The universe is restless, said Physicist Max Born:
It’s said black holes perturb their neighborhoods.
There’s quantum entanglement. Any order, goal, or form?
Heisenberg wrote about quantum uncertainty….and I know less than I ever imagined.

Though it pours on and on, that river of time
From where I sit, I can’t see where it flows
Or whether it’s ominous-murky or bright and sublime.
Could it flow us to angels with aspects aglow?
The Big Bang’s at the start, but what’s at the end?
Is our universe just one? Does time break? Can we mend?


about the author:


Eleanore Lee used to work for the University of California system writing research policies and legislative analysis. Now she is getting to do what she always wanted to do, write poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in a range of journals, including including  Alabama Literary Review, Atlanta Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Compass Rose, Crack the Spine, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, and The Portland Review. She has won poetry awards from the Atlanta Review and the California State Poetry Society. She is a graduate in English from Barnard College but she wishes she understood more about astrophysics.