here is a list of things you left behind by Alison Leigh Znamierowski

10)  purple clovers
plucked & siphoned
by hungry mouths
on summer walks,
discarded into roadside fields

9) a missing brick
or, an empty space
in the wall next to the footpath
— but it only
reminds me of you when
the world is bathed in
black and the wind
is dragging the leaves
across the pavement.

8) one sock
I found
underneath the bed,
covered in cat hair

7) the cologne
you wore in high school;
the one we talked about
smashing against brick wall,
sitting inside
the center-console of my car

6) white blankets twisted
into each other on
the brown leather couch
in my living room

5) a torn-up letter
inside a book
of unknown title
in the 3A stacks of
Olin Library,

tissues in the shape
of the hollow of my fist,
stiffened with snot,
left where your hands
took them from mine
and put them,
behind us.

4) the imprints of
toes and the soles
of your feet
in the corner of the
passenger-side windshield

3) what remains of
my bloody, your handprint
on the wall above the bed
in 88 Home

2) a pewter glass
coated in dried platelets of
red wine
perched on the bathtub

and one rose petal
left drying on the bathroom floor

About the author:

Alison Znamierowski graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Sociology. She loves engaging with spontaneous impulses for adventure, picnicking with friends, wandering barefoot, and making people look at photos of her cat, Luna. She is currently a contributing writer at I Am That Girl, Proud2BMe, and HelloFlo.