Vending Machine Press Issue #14

Photo by: Johannes Huwe

The very fine writers for issue 14 are:

Summer Storm and Birds by Jason Brightwell
I Want To Be Like Circe Poisoning The Sea by Deirdre Coyle
The Accident by Mike Lafontaine
Three Poems by Sarah A. O’Brien
Two Poems by Benjamin Blake
Two Poems by Leisha Douglas
Two Poems by John Stupp
The Ultimate Dinner Party by C.B. Johnson
Arriving at LAX by Pamela Hammond
The Happy Light by Cari Scribner

Seasonally Affected and Disordered by Judith Cody
Family Reunion In Three Parts by Jessica Adams

Garden Before The Move by Jean C. Howard
Miscreants and Family by Len Kuntz

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Issue 15 is due out 29th May 2016.

Michael Lafontaine
Vending Machine Press