Vending Machine Press Issue #2

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported Vending Machine Press since our inception last year. We have been inundated with so many impressive stories from around the world, attesting to the vitality and commitment of the global writing community.

Our first issue was a resounding success with thousands of views, and now we are truly humbled by the talent of the writers that we present to you in our Second Issue.

The six writers chosen for Issue 2 are –

Ian McCormick – The Space Between the Stones
Aliya Whiteley – White Cards
Carly Berg – The Season Finale
Daniel Thompson – Leah’s Other Self
Mark Pritchard – Times Square, 1960
Prachi Jain – Reconnecting With Mira

In further news Vending Machine Press is now accepting poetry as well as fiction. 
Click on the Submissions tab for our guidelines to submit and send us your best.

Submissions are now open for Issue 3.  

Issue 3 arrives April 1st.

Vending Machine Press