girls with griffins in their eyes need to wear contacts by Calvero

I saw a pretty girl in a cafe today.

She was sitting alone and sipping some kinda coffee drink. She looked like that musty smell in your grandmother’s closet. Except beautiful and sexy – a smell I wanted to fuck on top of a bed covered in roses and Sweet Tarts. And then, when we were done fucking, after our bodily fluids had been totally exchanged, we’d eat all of the rose petals covering the bed and then press all of the Sweet Tarts in-between the pages of books that she and I both found romantic.

Her hair was the color of light beer and she had a halo of foam on top of her head that made me thirsty.

She wore light green glasses that almost matched her green eyes and her eyes themselves specifically looked like a Griffin was gonna fly out of them.

I got concerned for her glasses – the Griffin flying out of her eyes, knocking her glasses off her face, her glasses shattering on the ground and then her feeling even more lost than the rest of us already do, even on our best days.

I got up, walked over to her and took her glasses off her face and gently put them down on the table.

She looked up at me. Right at me. Wanting an explanation from me. Aiming the Griffin inside her eyes at me.

I winced.

“Girls with Griffins in their eyes need to wear contacts,” I told her. “Contacts won’t shatter…”

From the look on her face, I could tell she had no idea what I was talking about, so I turned away and walked outta the cafe.

I headed down the street, waking past many people going in the opposite direction of me. From what I could tell, none of them seemed to have legendary/mythical creatures in there eyes.

I didn’t know what was sadder…

Not having legendary/mythical creatures in your eyes OR having a legendary/mythical creature in your eyes and not knowing about it.

I’m lying.

I knew what was sadder.

About the author:

Calvero has appeared in numerous literary journals and is the author of “someday i’m going to marry Katy Perry,” a full-length collection of poetry published by University of Hell Press. The older and poorer he gets, the more Calvero realizes that him marrying Katy Perry someday is most likely not going to happen. He copes with this maiming truth by chasing after stray cats, petting his own cats and drinking wine. You can read more of his work at here