Make Me Think Twice by Matthew J. Hall

Every time I drive you to it
you pull back at the moment of impact
your heart is too big
your intentions and dreams
are too pure and strong

One of these days though
I hope you really let your
strong arm go

Like the time you reached up to my throat
picked me clear off the floor
all fifteen and some stone of me

But that was just too damn funny
we laughed so hard we forgot
just why we were fighting

One of these days though
I hope you swing wide and clear
catch me right on the brow

I would wear that bruise with pride
and I really think
you could enjoy it too


 About the Author: 

Matthew J. Hall is an avid reader and writer of poetry and short fiction who lives in Bristol, England. You can read more from Matthew on his blog
where he regularly shares his creative endeavours and highlights the work of those he admires.


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