Stomach language by Ashlie Allen

I don’t want to sit down. My stomach is roaring, but my mind is roaring louder. “Don’t go close to them. They think you’re weird.” Carrying my books, I flee to the bathroom. I think I am alone when I lock myself inside the stall, but I can hear someone crying beside of me. I know it’d be nice to ask if this person was okay, but I feel too ashamed. The stall door creaks, and the person washes their hands. “Listen to your belly when it talks.” They say. “Sometimes it’s the only things that speaks.”


Ashlie Allen is a poet who likes Merlot.

2 Comments on Stomach language by Ashlie Allen

  1. Powerful stuff, Ashlie. Love that “but my mind is roaring louder” line.


  2. more fantastic writing by one of VMP’s regular contributors


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