Insurance Purposes by J.J. Krill

scrambling to figure out what to do after
leaving the holding tank an actual clinic some
where is looking like fifty-grand a month
who’s got that kind of money the hospital psychiatrist
says that’s not so bad she could spend that
much on a good vacation insurance won’t
pay for it what they will pay for is
electroconvulsive treatments cost at least
thirty-five grand a copacetic before & after set
of procedures doctors don’t exactly know how
it doesn’t always work doctors say don’t exactly
think about One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest it’s not
like that anymore your last resort so they’ll put
you under they’ll put you under again and again

About the author:

J.J. Krill has spent most of his life living and working variously in urban areas of the U.S. Great Lakes region. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where he’s enrolled in the MFA program at Portland State University. His poetry and prose have also appeared in Motes Books Motif anthology series, Rust, The Higgs Weldon and Grapevine Argentina.