Three Poems by M.F Nagel

Love or a trick of light

East of the the
pale moons of twilight
Cometh the iceman
Sing ‘in memory in vespers’
In sacrarium; in sacrarium
(Has herself – himself – given whole life all pleasures
For sale at large
The great or last~sacre, the right to insurrect,
Resign oneself to parting with
accuracy to vividness)

Memory the great betrayer
Between the naked and the dead.

A handful of ashes
Burns white into day
Grey into night.

Love or a trick of light.

There are mountains

There are mountains
In my soul
Craved in ice and gold

The old ones
Call my name
Break trail
Know the age
Cave and calf
Recede retreat
Scale the highest peaks
Leave a low valley

There are mountains
In my soul
Craved in ice and gold

The’re was a Kro0k-ed- clock

The`re was a Kro0k-Ed-clock
craved Of Krook-Ed-Bells.
Hung up on
A Kr0ok-Ed-wall
In the h all of a          Kro0k-Ed h0u~se

Say’ing ~mine~ Chimes
All in krook-Ed time
Tic. Key .    T o c . tic. K ey-ed.
T e l – l i n g
~mine~Kr00k-Ed~Time. In krook-ed BELLs
All` in
Krooked- Rime.


There was a Kro0ked- clock


 About the author:

m.f. nagel was born in Anchorage Alaska. Her Athabaskan and Eyak heritage gave her a love of poetry. m.f. now lives and writes near the banks of the Matanuska river in the Palmer Butte, Alaska, where the moose, wild dog roses and salmonberries Provide unending joy and inspiration. Her poems have appeared in such places as, Boston Literary, S/tick, Moon Magazine, Istanbul Review, Belleville Park Pages, Alaska Women speak, Word Riot, Poetry Quarterly, Camel Saloon, Amsterdam Quarterly and Mediterranean Poetry.