Vending Machine Press Issue #16


Photo by: Johannes Huwe

The very fine writers for Issue 16 are:

Two Poems by C.M Keehl
Two Poems by Erin McIntosh
Sharing Music by Emily Alexander
Empty Stomach by Ashlie Allen
Two Poems by Cara Lorello
Unrecovered Poem by Samantha Madway
About the Universe by Eleanore Lee
A Brief History of Cola by Glen Armstrong
Two Poems by Shoshanna Beale
Prodigal by Michele Madigan Somerville

Two Poems by Betsy Martin
De Stijl By Sarah Vernetti

Speed by Alice King

Overpass by Alison Hicks
Everywhere by Lisa Harris
Marriage for Dummies by Andrew Kuhn
Three Poems by Alita Pirkopf
Familiar Stranger by Eva-Marie Sher
Two Poems by Helen Wickes
Psalm by Marc Tretin
Behavior Pattern By Frank Rubino
Firefly by Gladys Justin Carr
On a Photograph Never Taken of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Friends, Manhattan, May 1, 1920 by Benjamin Goluboff

Issue 17 is due out 10th December 2016.

Michael Lafontaine
Vending Machine Press