Two Poems by C.M. Keehl

I am at the same peninsula where  you told me you loved me like lake michigan

never one for wading
but jump right from dock
quick at night

I see you as a body/ everybody is a body
water comes up surrounds the body
fills the body up & it feels good
to be made of 73 percent circulating water
but I can’t keep holding purgatory
the anger I
placed deep within
my lungs, stomach,
liver. In your prostate they found
hell. Cancer.
A current. Spreading
limb by limb, it’s too
late now
so please tell me what planted this
hate?  What broke inside us?

I can’t remember
as lethe flows oblivion
& I’m fluid. Fluently
making up excuses for you
so that I am full of something good
the last I see you / you see it’s easy

to immerse myself another forgiving body
if I can’t remember
darkness I dived into before.

call me maybe creature drowning black lagoon

Stripped bare
blood cold from the night before
you once called me green supernova
I’m a shiver dance number
in debt/ in water
homeless w/o prayer
performing & forgetful
of my transgressions
all the lies I say/ it doesn’t hurt

yeah so I’m a fraud/ a phony
1-2-3 go prancing around trash
all faux pas & glitter/
loser/ thirsty sparkle lizard
or maybe I’m an alien
but I’m here full of yearning
you can’t  see/ nothing precious
chipped nail polish & pierced through skin/
I ink my stories to cover my bones
give me a little interest
my wet body next to all these tindered bodies
how am I already 26 winters washed-up
& drunk on the shore
when an astronaut once prepared for flight
w/o knowing what to expect
in hell do you think they’ll
tell me I’m pretty/ words worthy of someone’s time

when the tide rises
I find the riptide isn’t picky
calls me lonely/ only/ winner anyway
& coalesces me into wave
what’s the point of all this trying
when beyond the sky it’s black
& I can just settle my bones
violent in a costume
just a girl done
searching pearls
out now conjuring home
at the bottom of the sea

about the author:


C.M. Keehl is part dreamer / part destroyer but all alien. She currently live in the suburbs of Detroit with her PIC, a dog named Carver. She is the poetry editor at Dirty Chai & has a chapbook out with Ghost City Press.  Keep your eyeballs peeled for future dope poetry news about @CMKeehl.