Vending Machine Press Issue #9

Photo byJohannes Huwe

The very fine writers for Issue 9 are:

He by Lauren Millici
Spill by Karie Fugett
Four Poems by Justin Hyde
When cleaning out the closet I find your needles by Suzanne Richardson
girls with griffins in their eyes need to wear contacts by Calvero
How were we to know? by Daniel Von der Embse
Colossal by Ruth Daniell
True Blue by Sarah Vernetti
San Juan by Dede Cummings
Patty Ahoy by Cezarija Abartis
A Series of Controlled Explosions By David Haight
On Balancing On A Steel Girder by Jacob Aiello

Issue 10 is due out June 1st 2015

Michael Lafontaine
Vending Machine Press